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Car conversations

I'm not much for talking on phones. As such, being in Ecuador was a pleasant break from phone conversations. When you pay per-minute, you have lots of had-a-baby-it's-a-boy exchanges.So I save my phone conversations for the road, and generally very much enjoy catching up with folks while I drive. Some of yesterday's New Orleans-to-Shreveport conversation… Continue reading Car conversations

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Things I haven’t seen in two years

Some everyday stuff that - when you haven't experienced them for two years - don't seem so everyday:Squirrels - gross.Baby strollersFront lawns with crabgrass instead of wallsEnormous, not-for-professional use four-door trucksCasual conversations in EnglishPeople over 6'6" tallMicrobrews and good beer on tap. Heck, good beer generallyRestaurants serving tap waterPeople waiting in line for tables at… Continue reading Things I haven’t seen in two years

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You can flush toilet paper here! (and other notes from the field)

I'm in DC for a conference this weekend. More on that later - for now, some cultural observations:You're not only allowed but expected to flush TP here. That's just weird.Cars are actually predisposed to stop for pedestrians.They actually check IDs at bars in the US.I can walk around in my friend Justin's house barefoot without… Continue reading You can flush toilet paper here! (and other notes from the field)