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Ecuador v. Chevron, Part II

A couple links my parents found on the lawsuit between Ecuador's Amazon tribes and Chevron. First, a 2003 press release from Chevron; second, the transcript of a Democracy Now radio show that discusses Chevron's actions in Myanmar, Ecuador and DC.When I studied abroad at St. Andrews, I took an International Political Economy course with Ben… Continue reading Ecuador v. Chevron, Part II

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More indecipherable news from Ecuador

The government of Ecuador seized two television channels and 200 other businesses yesterday, in what they called an effort to recover debts owed by failed Ecuadorian banks that are somehow related to the television stations. You can read more about it here: seems so often to be the case, this bit of Ecuadorian politicking is… Continue reading More indecipherable news from Ecuador

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The Union of South American Nations – why isn’t this a big deal?

Yesterday twelve South American nations signed a treaty creating UNASUR: the South American equivalent, ostensibly, of the European Union. You can read a little about it here. But, curiously, the summit got little attention. Why? I'm not sure. I'm also unclear why the death of the founder and leader of FARC has not made many… Continue reading The Union of South American Nations – why isn’t this a big deal?