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Things I like, all in one article

Namely: Investing, Ecuador, stimulants, do-goodery, and controversy. Governments take all kinds of measures to boost business—from creating subsidies and setting standards to loans and fiscal stimulus—so it’s not unusual that the government of Ecuador is investing taxpayer money like a venture capitalist to get a new industry off the ground. It is unusual, however, that socialist… Continue reading Things I like, all in one article

Ecuador, Startups

La Vida Idealista

So it doesn't really make me famous, but I'm a guest blogger this month on La Vida Idealista,'s newish Latin America blog. Check it!(Also, if you're bored and/or interested in community development, see this spot from All Day Buffet a few months ago).

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Things I haven’t seen in two years

Some everyday stuff that - when you haven't experienced them for two years - don't seem so everyday:Squirrels - gross.Baby strollersFront lawns with crabgrass instead of wallsEnormous, not-for-professional use four-door trucksCasual conversations in EnglishPeople over 6'6" tallMicrobrews and good beer on tap. Heck, good beer generallyRestaurants serving tap waterPeople waiting in line for tables at… Continue reading Things I haven’t seen in two years