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Can investors really “add value beyond money?”

Last month, I spoke with a veteran entrepreneur about some advice he had given a first-timer about whether to take money from an investor. The younger asked, "What value do they add beyond money? What kind of technical assistance, etc.?" The older--who has received at best intermittent support from us at First Light--replied "Just take… Continue reading Can investors really “add value beyond money?”

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Today’s homework

If you work in international relations, development or health, you probably have written up some glossy report you are convinced no one will ever read. Today, I will dive into that murky world of readerless reports. On the list: Asset-Based Approaches to Poverty Reduction in a Global Context (Brookings) The Future of Globalization (CG Researcher)… Continue reading Today’s homework

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On Social Capital and Community Assets

Over the course of the last couple weeks, we have begun to plan and implement a series of surveys in five communities around where MPI operates. But there will be something a little different about these surveys. Instead of traditional needs assessments, we've decided to take a different tack on surveying our communities. To do… Continue reading On Social Capital and Community Assets