Why Barack Obama will be our next president

This is not a political blog, but I couldn’t help this one – maybe partly because of the cultural ignorance displayed by the following photo, or of the fearmongering that I hope my travels and writings can help fight. So:

There is nothing short of meteoric about Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Nothing short of a chappaquiddick, I believe, will stop him from sitting in the Oval Office a few shorts months from now. The rather desperate response from his current opponent? Circulating this picture:

This is Barack Obama trying on traditional dress from Western Kenya, during a visit to his father’s homeland. One might conclude that he is well-traveled, in touch with his roots, even worldly. So why would a Clinton supporter post such a photo? Let’s cut to it: the Clinton supporters who would pass around this photo do so in hopes that the average American is dumb enough to look at Obama wearing a turban and make some fuzzy connection between him to the turban-wearing terrorists of whom Americans are currently so terrified.

Pathetic. No, Mrs. Clinton and friends, we are not that dumb.


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